Friday, August 21, 2015

@airtelindia Ka #Airtel4G Laga Dala To JhingaLaLa

ए जी औ  जी

लो जी सुनो जी 

कहता हूँ मैं जो वो तुम भी सुनो जी

one two का four

four two का one

My name is Airtel

My name is Airtel

The day I thought about moving my Airtel connection to 4G network from the existing 3G, the first question that came into my mind was the price and the next question that popped up in my mind was about the difference in speed. Definitely whenever we talk about an upgrade, we try to assess the price versus benefit, spend versus what I am going to get out of this additional expense. I did a small exercise and the credit goes to Airtel for this innovative tool that is available on twitter that answers your query within no time. You just name the app that you want to consider for finding out the difference in downloading speed on various networks. I found out that the difference is quite substantial. For a particular app when you download it on 4G Airtel network, it is almost double the speed if compared to its predecessor 3G network. And the 4G speed is almost 10 times faster than 2G network. That is really fantastic.

There is also a challenge from Airtel these days that if you are able to download any movie, app or whatever faster than the speed what it gives on its 4G network, you are promised to get your lifetime connection free from Airtel.  As far as the cost is concerned, the 4G is coming at no extra cost from Airtel. What it means is that if you are using a data pack of 2GB on 3G network from your service provider, which is Airtel here, then the cost of 2GB data on 4G network will remain same for you. But the point to note here is the speed that will enable you to consume 2GB at a very fast pace, approximately within half the month as compared to your previous consumption that was for the month. This will definitely increase your data consumption when you are now hungry for speed and performance. That is where based on your additional data consumption the billed cost of 4G network would go higher, as the data consumption goes higher.

You need to have a 4G sim that will get replaced from Airtel, that too within 2-3 working days. In my case, I got the same within the same day, in few hours after I raised the request online. After few hours, surprisingly, the delivery guy was standing outside my house, for the delivery of new 4G sim. The activation process of new 4G sim is also instant. You need to send an SMS with the existing 3G sim to Airtel, confirm, take out 3G sim from the handset, replace it with 4G sim, and hurray, in next few minutes, it is activated.

After activation, I experienced the real world of 4G network, thanks to Airtel. The thundering speed at which I am able to watch live matches or video streaming is fabulous. The download and upload of my videos, important files, data backup are now happening in real time and complete in all senses. My data backup is now foolproof as it instantly goes on cloud irrespective of the size of any file.

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