Sunday, August 23, 2015

First Step Of Toddler Brings Quantum of Delight #Poetryonopposites

Some Quotes that remained unquoted
in your life and my life,

Some dreams that were never dreamt
because of fear of sleep,

Some Silence, louder than my words,
still echoing in my ears.

Some distance uncovered even in closest proximity,
remained untouched.

Some love for me in your hate for life
always kept binding us together.

Some life stays even when relations are dead,
in the form of memories,

Some light in the darkest of dark,
as you entered in my life.

Some gravitational force in the black hole,
as long as you kept holding my hand.

Some scarcity of happiness in the abundance of pains
still kept us alive.

The first step by a toddler turns brings quantum of delight,
on the face of the mother.

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