Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Full Monty With Del Monte #ItalianEscapades

Pasta is already quite famous in India and I think even before the world got to know about it and some other country taking the pride of inventing it. It might be the food of Italy that has widely been accepted across the globe but we Indians are known to be carrying quite old heritage and cultural background. Years back Bollywood praised a  lot about Pasta

पास्ता पास्ता देखो आँख मेरी लड़ी है
आँख जिससे लड़ी है वो पास मेरे खड़ी है


ये पास्ते हैं डेल मोंटे (प्यार) के
खाना (चलना) भर भर (संभल संभल) के


मौसम मस्ताना पास्ता अंजाना

but here it is not अंजाना it is well known Del Monte

Did you watch हरियाली और पास्ता (a movie that explained how Pasta made with a combination of various green vegetables goes on the top of your taste buds!)

and then

किसका पास्ता देखे ऐ  दिल ऐ हरजाई (why don't buy your own pack of Del Monte and enjoy) :)

then there is

जाने कौन सा पास्ता उसके दिल को जाता है


मैं तो चला जिधर चले पास्ता

By the way, don't confuse between Pasta and रास्ता. Logically it is the Pasta that takes a tastlicious path via travelling through your taste buds to the bottom of your heart!

Well the journey begins with boiling of whole contents of your Del Monte pack

Keep examining the heart beats of pasta!

On the second burner fry onion and capsicum

Once frying is done put appropriate quantity of salt, pepper and chaat masala (I know it is not technically right but then who says taste is tech savvy). 

Mix the boiled content on one burner and the fried stuff on second burner. Keep the mixed stuff on mild आंच for five minutes and then ready steady go!

Who says simplicity doesn't win hearts! This could be the simplest of the recipe but it is going to win the heart of your taste buds (only condition is that your taste buds are not too complexically encroached by technology and technicalities in food preparations!)

Ah! the last bit is still untold. Put some black olives cut in round rings.

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