Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ultimate Creativity And Design: #PearlPortfolio @PearlAcademyInd

This month I had my most enthralling moments when I visited Pearl Academy – Portfolio 2015. This was a part of the Academy’s annual graduating event that is held every year to recognize the talent and honor the creativity of the graduating students of Pearl Academy. Pearl Academy is currently having four campuses situated in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur. Mumbai is the latest entrant but has been overwhelmingly welcomed by the student community there. The institute in a true sense is a global face of India in Fashion, Creativity, and Design. The students graduating from Pearl Academy are absorbed instantly in global portfolios of Indian and Global companies with open arms. This itself is a solid proof of a skillful training imparted in Pearl Academy where the students graduating are accepted in reputed companies at good positions proving that there is no gap in the skill required in the market and training imparted in the institute.

Pearl Academy started as a fashion school in 1993 but soon it expanded its horizon in various verticals and as of today there are four distinct Schools running in the Academy in its four campuses. The four schools are – School of Fashion, Styling & Textiles; School of Design; School of Communication, Media and Film; and School of Creative Business. All the four schools are offering various courses which are quite impactful and equally substantial in building a strong career of their students. Portfolio 2015 was the largest event in the history of Pearl Academy. The graduating students getting felicitated get a considerable space to showcase their talent, learning and innovation in a most constructive manner.

I got a very warm welcome at the event from students and faculty members of Pearl Academy. The students were more than enthusiastic in showcasing their individual projects. There were four different sections named after the four schools of Pearl Academy and in each section respective graduating students were eagerly displaying and narrating their achievements by means of their individual projects. All the three days had a unique agenda that was quite engaging and absorbing. The imagination of students had covered the horizon to its fullest. The word CREATIVITY was seen beyond its definition and the design capabilities of students of all the four schools was seen to its extremities. On Day One there were around fifteen hundred students from over twenty-five prestigious schools of NCR to get an insight of the workshops organized on various themes. There were over five hundred innovative projects on display each done by an individual graduating student of the Pearl Academy. 

This demonstrates the strength, energy and knowledge built in each student during their course in each of the course they enroll to. The students from other schools ranging from ninth standard to senior secondary, who attended the workshops and witnessed the magical display of projects done by Pearl Academy student were so enthralled that in my opinion each one of them would be planning to join the Academy in the school of their choice after completing their studies.

The event was organized in the NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi, covering over forty thousand square feet of area but most of the time the area was becoming short to accommodate the overwhelming count of visitors to attend the event. The visitors included – special invitees, guest of honor, students from other schools, faculty from other schools and the fresh enrolled students of Pearl Academy. As soon as the lamp lighting ceremony was over on Day One morning, there were visitors flooding to learn about the various projects done by Pearl Academy students.  At any moment of time, the footfall would not have been less than fifteen hundred. The innovative projects were so close to the ground realities of our country focusing on the mitigation of the pain areas that it touched the hearts of most of the visitors.

Day Two was as interesting as Day One. There were two fashion shows, one in the presence of the Guest of Honor Manish Malhotra. The graduating students were enthralled by the mesmerizing speech from Manish Malhotra who recognized the creative abilities inculcated in the students by Pearl Academy. He was humble enough to admit that the time when he entered the world of Fashion it was only Bollywood where he could find a scope to show his talent but now for the students of Pearl Academy the sky is the limit to showcase their abilities and capabilities in terms of creativity and design.

The Fashion Shows were marvelous and managed in a highly professional manner. After the second fashion show on Day Two, it was going to be a gala dinner for the alumni of Pearl Academy with the Guest of Honor. I am sure it would have been a bundle of memorable moments for most who attended. Day three had a couple of fashion shows following the award ceremony in the morning session. Overall it was an eye-opener to witness the fantastic journey of Pearl Academy and the creativity of young minds getting trained here to face the real world in a zestful manner. Salute to the Academy in building our youth in such a manner that they land into the real world fearlessly and confidently.

I feel Pearl Academy would be coming up with five more campuses and two new schools. The aspiring youth of India is finding a new ray of hope in Pearl Academy for building a strong global career. 

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