Thursday, May 14, 2015

@airtelindia Brings #MyAirtelApp Enriched With Superb Features

My Airtel app is a fantastic bundle of super cool and quite useful features that we are required to use on a regular basis. So if these features are bundled in a most presentable manner (that means – having a engaging user interface) and available all in one place, there is nothing like it. That is what the beauty of MyAirtel App is. This user friendly app runs quite fast providing you desired results in a quick manner. Excellent features, superb UI, fast results, and unique flexibility – all these make MyAirtel App a must have on your smartphone.

Among many features available in this app, there are certain that match completely with my personality and I would like to highlight them as below:

1.       All Airtel Features at one place: The MyAirtelApp allows you to collaborate all your required Airtel features at one place irrespective of if they are part of the originally downloaded bundle or not. You can add the individual or stand-alone features of Airtel as part of the MyAirtel App as per your requirements. This is one of the best apps I ever found that is bundled with so rich features, designed in such an innovative manner and is quite simple to use.

2.       Secured Transactions: The app allows you to transact to recharge your DTH, mobile, landline or IPTV account. Not only that, it also provides you with redeemable coupons every time you recharge your account. These coupons can be used for various purchases from various stores. So keeping in mind the number of financial transactions you are inclined to perform on your smartphone via this app, the security and safety features are built as per universal safety standards without keeping an iota of scope of compromise. The MyAirtrel App has a feature of storing your card details after your go ahead so that the next time you come for a transaction, the amount of time required to enter card details gets saved. And this saving of time every time you transact adds on to a substantial volume.

3.       The flexible customization feature of MyAirtel App makes it really mine. It can be customized in a unique manner for each individual as per that individual’s requirements. The feature is called “I Want To” under which you keep adding your most frequently used activities. On a later date the added feature can be removed as easily as it is added, once you are sure that it is no more required.

So if you look at the flexibility of MyAirtel App, it is versatile, customizable as per individual needs, fast & accurate, secured & safe and has an excellent user interface. With so much richness bundled in it, why not try it once and I am sure once you use it, you are bound to become a big fan of this app.
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