Saturday, April 18, 2015

#KoseMeet Bringing Spawake Range Of #Beauty Products In #India by Kose

A new cosmetic company launch, company is from Japan and they have already spread their wings to almost every part of the world. Now it is the turn of India and they have planned to come in a big way. This is about Kose and I am writing about #KoseMeet for the launch of their beauty and cosmetic products in India. The Indiblogger meet was planned for 10th April 2015 at Hyatt Regency and almost till two days before it was appearing to be an all women meet. 

There were only two kind of discussions going on in the discussion forum for this meet, prior to this meet. One section was of bloggers who were happy that they had got the invite. Obviously this block was having a direct connect with beauty, cosmetic, makeup as their daily routine. These were all women bloggers who were confirmed by Indiblogger for the meet. The other section was continuously curious to know – will they be allowed, will it be only a select few male bloggers, will there be a chance at all. Finally along with few others, I too got a call for attending the meet.

An Indiblogger meet was happening after a long time and it was quite cheering for everyone. It was nice to meet Purba Ray. I interviewed her way back in 2011 on Blogcritics (probably that was her first ever interview anywhere) and then reprinted the post on my blog in 2013. Meeting Shwetabh is always an interesting part of any meet. We had a quick round of registration and tea with snacks. I preferred to have the traditional masala chai. The prelaunch sessions were knowing each other well, welcoming freshers and newbies. After that the officials from Kose introduced about the company, products and history. There was a known celebrity Aditi Rao Hydari of Bollywood who is Kose India brand ambassador for their Spawake range of products.

There was a dish tasting session on each table when the dish was served. I mean Spawake face cream was distributed, one each table to admire its packing, packaging, cream and the good smell. Overall it was a fantastic session. 

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