Tuesday, April 14, 2015

eKavach App Review: A Must Have Proactive Parental App

How it sounds if for a while we talk about a new triangular relationship that is into existence almost for a decade now but its gravity and intensity has increased tremendously over last couple of years. Recently read a joke on WhatsApp sent by a friend where a guy tells his friends that few days back his internet was down for the whole day and data pack also had some issues in his smartphone. So for a change he spent that day with his family members and at the end of the day found (for the first time) that they are nice people. That is a harsh reality today. Teenagers are spending more time on social media websites rather than meeting their real friends, family members and relatives. The busy lifestyle has added a substantial weight on it where both the parents are working and the corporate life has no time limits to come back home.

It is important that someone comes forward to take a proactive approach. We are talking about eKavach (Kavach in English means shield) application. So the name itself denotes it is related to the cyber world and is talking about a protecting shield to protect your children proactively. This proactive app is for proactive parents or rather it is for all parents to help them in becoming proactive in the cyber (or internet) matters of your children. Tough to digest, but it is a harsh reality that the internet has become an addition for a majority of youth. As we all know a heavy traffic on the road has a high rate of threats and vulnerabilities, same is true when we talk about internet. Every day we come to know about the cases of cyberbullying, cyberstalking and more. These cases have become a global phenomenon and so is the addiction. In developed countries, in fact, medical treatments, relief camps etc. has become a reality. Internet addiction is treated an equal intensity of threat there as drug addiction.

eKavach is a parental application to help them in controlling and managing their kids falling prey to this threat. It is a unique application to give you a digital control of your children in real-time. The application acts smartly every time your child logs on to the internet for whatever activity. The application works in a smart way and promises to answer all your queries, as a parent, in this regard. Let us talk about some excellent features of this application. The Heartbeat feature keeps a track of latitude & longitude coordinates of your child’s smartphone on a regular basis. Not only this, it sends you an instant alert the moment it loses its track of the device. This can happen in cases like your child has gone to a no signal zone or the battery of the smartphone device of your child has drenched totally and the device has switched off.

The Offline Alerts feature tells you well in time as soon as the device becomes void of internet connection. This notification comes via SMS or through Push Notification, depending on the settings you opted for. Family Time is a very important feature of eKavach. Once you define time slots for family time – like lunch hours, dinner hours, rest hours etc., all applications on the digital devices will seize to function thereby everyone getting a sweet company and time of each other in a healthy manner. With More Control Over Applications feature you are notified as and when any new app is downloaded on your kid’s device. You can decide whether to block this app completely or define a time period for using this app. There is a Dashboard that provides you customized analytics on various parameters like the type of websites visited, type of activities done, time spent on each activity etc. thereby providing you your child’s browsing trends, preferences, and productive activities done.

SOS Notification feature helps you in getting an instant message from your child when there is an emergency or your child is in some kind of trouble and an urgent attention/ help is required. The message or notification that is triggers just by the click of a button send a preconfigured message along with the physical location coordinates. Communication with Parents feature keeps your child connected with you all the time with an exchange of routine or customized messages.
The installation of the application is done on parent’s as well as child’s devices. Firstly it is installed on the parent’s device where the installation completes with a SMS verification on the same device. One the parent application is installed the child version of the app then will be required to be installed on the device used by the child. Once it is installed on both the devices, it syncs the parent and child devices. The whole process is quite simple. 

The eKavach app is easily available on Google Play Store. After downloading it, a family account needs to be created thereby registering the parent. Now eKavach Child app is to be downloaded on Child’s device. After download log on to the family account and register this device as child and then activate eKavach protection. Once it is activated in both the devices, you must review standard setting to configure and customize as per your requirements.

In a nutshell eKavach is a must have tool to have a proactive parental control on your children. It helps you in content filtering, safe search, preventing exposure to unwanted sites, providing analytics on the browsing trends of your child and activities preferences, provides a good amount of control for family time, all time communication, remote connectivity, real time alerts and a lot more.

I am checking out the eKavach app as a part of an activity at BlogAdda.

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