Sunday, April 19, 2015

@TIME Hundred Most Influential People 2015: Exhaustive Analytics On Women Power Emergence

Oprah Winfrey is the only person in the world who has appeared ten times in Time Most Influential People. In the top four most repeated people, there are three women (see chart below).

During last decade, woman power has emerged tremendously and it is not only a particular area or areas where they have spread their wings and demonstrated their mettle. The fact that the same is not limited to a particular continent. The power of women is now visible all across the world whether it is a developed nation, developing or underdeveloped.

If we compare the data of TIME top 100 influential people across the globe for the year 2013 and 2015 we see a tremendous rise in the women power in all sections.

Hundred percent rise in Leadership category is phenomenal. Fifty percent in Titan and Pioneers categories, Forty percent in Artists is really a big achievement. Overall 30 percent increase in the women influencing the world in one way or the other is straightaway telling the world the message very clearly.

For the year 2015 if we see women emergence in various categories, it is substantial. We start with Titans for 2015 and following is the picture:

There are total nineteen out of which six are women.

For the Pioneers 2015 out of 22, 10 are male.

It is good to see women coming up as Pioneers on a global front. These women are from a diverse spectrum of profession and life ranging from a Ballet star to science & technology to advocate & judge to an investigator to transgender icon. 

In next category of Artists, we don't see much of a difference. Out of 16 globally influencing artists, we see 7 of them are female artists.

This spells out 44 percent share grabbed by the women.

When we talk of top leaders of the world who have wide influence we see that women are phenomenally less in this category. Out of 31 we have only eight women placed in this category. 

But if we see the women leaders of 2013 (chart on top) and compare with 2015 this is the category where we see hundred percent growth. If it continues at this rate probably within a couple of years women will cross men in global leadership.

In Icons category out of twelve global iconic personalities identified, we see women taking a winning edge here very clearly taking seven slots.

Finally when we look at the summary of TIME most influential people 2015, the category wise summary goes as below:

It can also be seen in graphical formation as below:

And finally the total summary graphical presentation will go as below:

Overall it is forty percent share of the total TIME top hundred influencers 2015 that has been taken by women. This clearly narrates the story of wits and wisdom of women power emerging on a global level. 

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