Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Poetry: Oh My, Bring Back The Touch!

The days are gone, the years are passed,
When you and me, stayed engrossed.
In each other we could find our own world,
When we spoke to each other without uttering a word.
When my each act was only for you,
And yours each said just 3 rods – I love you.
The darkness of night was not sufficient
To hide the glowing light of your eyes.
The hunger was only meant for love pies.
The shivering cold of winters was not that cold,
The glitter in your eyes, was all warm and gold.
I could feel you even in the air,
And in our life there was no despair.

When your seductive smile was enough to ignite,
It made my life, my work, my moments bright.
The love of whole galaxy was in plenty of supply,
We were just two love birds, every moment on a fly.
When there was no difference between you and me,
When it was just me in you, and you in me.
When even in sleep we were awaken,
Even in your dreams I was by default taken.
Every touch of ours was a new discovery for each other,
Every exciting moment spent was soother.

Then what happened all of a sudden,
All the love, spark and passion seemed burden.
The moments passed by, without each other,
Seemed to be more welcomed than together.
The time started running so fast,
That it was everyone but for us.
Every moment, every prayer murmured,
It is not that the love is gone,
It is not that the carving is lost,
It is just that we forgot
The art of igniting our passion.

After a long pause, our prayers got attended,
Probably I started feeling the love between us mended.
We started feeling the love, passion and feel

For each other, with just that magical touch
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