Thursday, November 20, 2014

Event Review: Real Juices - Rain Of Love And Joy On Prayas Children

It was love and joy showering everywhere. Everyone was overwhelmed with the real happiness that could be felt around. There was a bulk of positive energy and vibes coming through, intermingling, multiplying, and growing exponentially every moment we spent there.

The giver was happier than the taker and vice versa. It was something happening with the kids they will never be able to forget in their lifetime. These 20 odd kids were from Prayas, an NGO, taking care of special children. Some of these children have been saved out from the clutches of worst of the situations of their lives.

Prayas is associated with Real Greetings, and was approached to bring 20 kids for this occasion termed as “Family Day”. Amod K Kanth who is General Secretary of Prayas was present there. Amod is former Chairman, Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights. He spoke about his strong belief about this great initiative taken by Real Greetings as an inspiring and significant move for these special children across India.

The initiative, in my opinion, is not only giving these children some momentary moments of pride, joy and happiness but will stay in their mind and heart for long for these touching family like moments that they have missed all their life so far. The “Cheer A Child” Campaign by Real Greetings is actually quite unique and different in which it is not comprising of some physical activities and giving those kids some gifts; but is a bouquet of emotions that will soothe the rawness of their life.
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