Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Home My Way With 24KLiving

We all know the purity of 24 karats. So if this purity comes into life, nothing like it. If you had ever a chance to visit a Mediterranean village, you would sure have fallen for its beauty. The same is the case with the beautiful products for your kitchen and bathroom, that are manufactured here. A beauty born within another beauty of nature. You will find the serene and pure items that you might have dreamt of, to place them in your dream kitchen and bathroom. For the first time the Porcelanosa, that is a well known and acknowledged brand in the other side of the world, is now being welcomed in Asia for the first time #24KLiving.

I got a chance to draw out my choice of products from here to beautify and purify my kitchen and bathroom. Whatever I select, I must also have a reason for that. So here I go to fulfill all my dreams. First of all, I would like to have an under-floor heating system for my chilling bathroom. This would definitely keep me cozy throughout the rough, dry and cold weathers. My morning would not be as chilling as it used to be. And so would be the nights, when I would not wake up in the mid of the sleep just because of the chilling and lowering temperatures. This electrical radiant floor heating system would be magnificently warming. 
Source: D:\jaideep\Blogging\24KLiving\Flooring.png

Next I would like to highlight an excellent product that is the need of all building systems. This is most cost saving magical product during the time of project execution, it is called CLI-KER. The magical product is an adhesive-free dry installation of the flooring system.
Source: D:\jaideep\Blogging\24KLiving\CLI-KER.png

Next to go is the raised access flooring. The marvelous floor tiles from Porcelanosa Grupo can be though used in office buildings or elsewhere too, wherever you require raised access kind of flooring with a metal structure. There are almost 60 models of STON-KER from which you will have a tough fight to choose from since each next will be better than the previous one, and vice versa. The manufacturer also makes a special kind of double-thickness porcelain beautiful tiles that give a luxurious look to the terraces. And that is what was the reason for me to go for all these.
Source: D:\jaideep\Blogging\24KLiving\Raised.png

Further, I had the option to go for Avenue Black Texture Grout ColorStuk Antracita, or with the natural stone multiformato Toscano Anticato Grout Colorstuk Beige, or the Natural stone Moka Anticato Bioprot Grout Colorstuk Beige, or outdoor flooring decking Ecostyledeck Mountain. This was really a tough call, but finally I decided to for the Moka Anticato Bioprot.
Source: http://www.porcelanosa.com/recursos/catalogos/PG_HOME_GB.pdf

There are a lot of other options in each section to give you a grand, 24KLiving with full of purity and serenity. 
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