Sunday, September 28, 2014

Book Review: Mad Money Journey by Mehrab Irani: Excellent Insight In Finance Fundas

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Mad Money Journey: A Financial Adventure by Mehrab Irani is a superb insight on managing your money in a best possible manner, told in a quite interesting manner. The book has been published by Jaico Books under the genre Business/ Fiction. Mehrab Irani is a well know author for his earlier book 10 Commandments for Financial Freedom

Money has a different meaning for different persons. Even in the business world different industrialists look at money management part in their own style. But in reality there is so much about money and so little known. This business adventure in fiction story form has John Pinto who is a successful doctor residing in Mumbai. Another prominent character in Mad Money Journey: A Financial Adventure by Mehrab Irani is Vijay Desai, who is a childhood friend of John Pinto and appears to help him whenever life puts him into dire straits. Both studied  in the same school but had their own perception about education, learning and knowledge. On one hand Pinto had one straight mission during his school days - to get excellent marks in tests and examinations. On the other hand Desai's vision about studies was different. He was least bothered about marks. His motto was to get real life learning from education. Gradually Desai leaves his house due to a rift with his father on not getting good marks in studies.

Gradually on the basis of excellent marks and being a topper, Pinto gets admission in one of the top medical schools and comes out in bright colors after completing his medical studies and thus becomes a successful doctor, opening his own clinic. He gets married, earns money, owns his own apartment in one of the posh colonies, acquires a good car and becomes successful in his life. But gradually he finds himself as unsuccessful in his professional and personal life by mismanaging his financials and money and finally getting into a huge debt. That is where the story in Mad Money Journey: A Financial Adventure by Mehrab Irani takes a steep turn.

Pinto decides to end his life and goes for suicide. That is when, once more in his life, the two old childhood friends meet again. Pinto is brought to hospital by none other than Desai when he got collapsed on the road. And that is when a new journey of life begins for Pinto when Desai, who has become a most successful international industrialist and mentor, coach, guide to many of his peers. Desai meets Pinto in the hospital while he was undergoing treatment to recover, and gets to know the crux of pains of his life. He understands that Pinto has not been able to manage his money and thus has reached to this state of his life even after being so successful. Overall the story of Mad Money Journey: A Financial Adventure by Mehrab Irani is very interesting. 

The fact of life is that the guy who always topped in school, reached to the dead end of his life and the guy for whom marks were never a priority becomes a billionaire and successful entrepreneur. On finding the real problem of Pinto, Desai sponsors a world tour for him where he would be going to different nations, meeting various people belonging to various streams of life and learning a unique lesson about money from each of them. Each of the assigned person in each country, has been selected and planned by Desai.

Overall an interesting learning about money and financials during roaming around different corners of the world and meeting various people who became learned from the lessons from life.
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