Sunday, September 28, 2014

Book Review: The Seller Of Beliefs by Trishala D Shah: A Life Journey In A Day

The Seller Of Beliefs by Trishala D Shah is spiritual fable written in an interesting manner to showcase the complete lifecycle of life in an eventful one day learning program. Few thought provoking, inquisitive and introspective questions will definitely come to your mind after and while reading this book that you will surely ask from yourself. There are lot of people in our life whom we keep ignoring due to various reasons, one of the main reason being to satisfy our own ego altar. To give a false hope to self, at times we do nullify certain truths of life. And in the race of life - rather the rat race - we forget to stop and think on what happened a while ago and if the action that we took on that particular instance was right or does it require an improvement to make my life a better life?

The Seller Of Beliefs by Trishala D Shah is a simple 112 pages fable written in an intrinsic style that keeps you engaged towards all colors of life. The story inspires you to build your faith and trust towards life and you - yourself! At time we get so much engrossed and mechanical towards our routines of life that we forget the real meaning of life and its purpose. This book tries to get you back on track in that matter. The fable is in simple words, which become magical and at times bring tears in your eyes. At times it becomes hard to face the reality of life and one it bound to become emotional and tearful while encountering the facts and truths.

The Seller Of Beliefs is so well written by Trishala D Shah that it can be categorized as a soul searching fable. It reminds us that there is no age for learning a new thing in life and one must understand that it is only the learning that fills in the gap between a learner and learned. There are some pretty lessons in this book. Are you fed up of yourself? Do you want to change your physical appearance? Do you really love yourself? Because if you don't love yourself, you can't love the world. While in a race of trying to follow someone else, trying to become someone else, we usually forget ourselves that steals away the happiness from our lives. It is the same piece of sound that has a capability of becoming a noise or a piece of music - choice is yours in a similar manner. What would you like to be for others - a shrill noise or a sweet musical note?

Everything that you keep searching, craving and starving in the outside world, that every bit of knowledge and wisdom, lies within, it is just the realization that can carve a path within towards your goals. Excellent learning is there in The Seller of Beliefs by Trishala D Shaha where it says that the ups and downs in life never stay for long, it just is a testing phase for you on how to behave during these conditions. The real character of a person is when in solitude and if there is a wide gap between 
how and what you behave in public vis-a-vis when alone, then it is a point of deep worry.

A small line can shake your heart to the bottom - A state of effortlessness can only be achieved through effort.

Overall a must read for any learner of any age who has an urge to look at life from a different perspective and is open to learn and adopt to make life simpler and happier.

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