Monday, July 28, 2014

Poetry: Johny and Jifi: An Exciting Exploration of a Unique Social Bank Account

Johny Johny
Yes Mama
Have you gone for Jifi
No Mama
Do you have Facebook and Twitter accounts
Yes Mama
Good! Then we can go for Jifi
Okay Mama.

Johny Johny
Yes Mama,
There are 2 ways to open your Jifi Account
How Mama?
Either go to Kotak website to get 2 options
one - click on facebook tab to land on to their FB page
or click on "Email" to get an invite via email.

Mama Mama
Yes Johny
What a fantastic and innovative way to open the account
What an interesting and non-boring way it is
I would definitely open this social bank account
Tell me some more Mama
What is the next step for opening this account,
How much do I need to maintain in my account
Whether it is Savings or a Current - Mama!

Johny Johny
Yes Mama!
Good to know that you decided to open Jifi Account
Like any other youth of the country
Because you guys know the power of Social Media
And foresee the innovative unique approach by
Kotak for the first time on a global front.

Johny Johny
Yes Mama!
Once you apply for an account,
the Bank executive will connect with you for further formalities
The minimum amount you need to open this account is Rs 5,000
The account is "Current" with Zero Interest and Zero Balance
That means the amount of Rs 5,000 you deposited on opening of account
Can be spent for various banking activities - online or offline.
The account facility will be soon available Pan-India
But currently it is available in 10 cities viz -
Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, Bhubaneshwar,
Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur and Lucknow.

If your account balance crosses Rs. 25,000, the exceeding amount
automatically goes into a term deposit with attractive interest rate
You use twitter to check your balance, transactions and raise
cheque book request.
The exciting part is the referrals - you refer more friends
you get more rewards.
You become a member of Loyalty Club
and then transacting on social networking sites,
or referring your friends to join Jifi entitles you
to get exciting gifts to redeem with the earned loyalty points.

Johny Johny
Yes Mama!
Hope the excitement is at its peak!
Yes Mama, but tell me a little more,
Does it have a mobile app so that I download it.
Yes Johny, the beautiful and smart app is all yours 
to download and enjoy the deals offered for your exclusive Jifi,
For a month you get Kotak Moneywatch for a month
to track your expenses.
Will you become the 15341st account holder
or will be able to prolong it.

Not at all! Not at all!
While talking to you Mama!
I visited the KotakJifi website and applied for my Jifi Account
Now let me start earning my Loyalty points 
on sign up, referrals, and twitter activities.
You know Mama! I am about to get a 
Platinum Debit Card that is going to of modern
technology chip based - thereby providing me
more security, more confidence and more freedom!

Hey Mama! I want to thank you for 
enlightening me on the most user friendly, Youth focused,
Social Bank Account that is Jifi, my Jifi,
Johny and Jifi are now friends for lifetime!
And with Jifi I can live my life in my own style.

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