Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Mobile Messenger: WeChat: Beyond Comparison: Feature Rich: Years Ahead

Did this online article on watchingamerica.com published on 20 February 2014 said it all by means of its title - "Did Facebook Buy Whatsapp To Compete Against WeChat?" Yes, it did. And the whole world clearly understood that the company behind this particular mobile messenger, WeChat, is not taking it casually like many of its other competitors/ peers. It also clearly indicated that Tencent Inc., the company behind WeChat, is not only thinking ahead of everyone, but also thinking beyond what its competitors could anticipate to deliver in next couple of years. The pace with which its research team is assisting its technical team to keep adding new meaningful features at a regular pace.

Now about the features of WeChat - that has a long range of marvelous unique features.
Common features like text/ voice messaging, group messaging, making a call and video call etc. is very well there, inconsistently excellent performing, user friendly and feature rich. Within chat, there is a dialing option so that you don't need to go out to search for the separate dial button and talk to that person. Here it is hassle free and flawlessly swift without any loss of time or creation of a wide gap in between. A common message to be sent to all can be sent in a Broadcast mode. Unique thing about withdrawal of a message is that it can be recalled once it has been sent - whether a text or voice message, or a file of any format (pic/video etc.).

Once installed the app on your mobile, you can invite friends from contacts of your mobile or facebook/ google etc. It will clearly identify after a thorough scan which of your friends are already on WeChat so that you just need to add them. Or you can invite rest of them. Friend Radar is quite interesting where when you invoke it, it starts scanning the surroundings and finding out who is/ are (if any) nearby you. You can install WeChat on your laptop and sync it with your mobile account by scanning QR code. After that you can perform all your WeChat activities through your laptop instead of going to your mobile now and then to check and act. 

There is a walkie talkie mode in Group where you can not only have a group chat but also track all in the group, provided you are moving to the same direction. For this tracking your GPS need to be enabled to find out your locations. You will be able to watch movement of every member of your group on a map. Drift a Bottle is a unique feature where you can record a message or type text and throw bottle in the water, and you will find someone to talk to you. Similar interesting feature is Shake where you shake your device and anyone shaking its device at the same moment would get visible to you for further handshake. 

This is not over. This is just a broader snapshot of the feature rich capabilities of WeChat. You will really enjoy and never get bored once you install it. Its Stickers is something that makes your interactions more effective and powerful besides giving them a dramatic style. If you are not using WeChat, you need to try it once so as to taste the dish, else you will not be able to compare it with the stuff you are using currently on your mobile.

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