Saturday, August 02, 2014

WhatTheBlack: Colgate Charcoal Slim Soft

So finally this interesting journey of WhatTheBlack organized by Blogadda and that went for four days has come to its conclusion in the same interesting way it started. I think the organizers must be quite satisfied with the outcomes, and ongoing curiosities and guesses during these four days. The show began with an information that for next 4 days starting 30th July, till 2nd August, four items - one each day, will be delivered, probably which has never been seen before in that shape and form; and social sites need to be bombarded with hashtag #WhatTheBlack during these four days. Fourth day was supposed to be the D-Day when the final product delivered will be the actual product for which all this campaign has happened.

First day we received a black egg with chocolate filled in it. Second day we got a black newspaper with white printing on it. Third day we got a black tissue paper and a Styrofoam glass. And fourth day, i.e. on the final day we got Colgate Charcoal Slim Soft - a uniquely designed new toothbrush with amazing features.

Colgate Charcoal Slim Soft Toothbrush has 17x (17 times) slimmer tip of each bristle it carries. 17 times is in comparison with the toothbrush with normal, ordinary, end rounded bristles. Each bristle is infused with Charcoal. So in Oral Care product range from Colgate - Colgate Charcoal Slim Soft Toothbrush is the new innovative entrant, launched recently. The toothbrush is supposed to bend as per the requirement in the mouth and go deep inside so as to remove food leftovers, bacteria and thus providing a fresh life to your teeth everyday.

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