Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Top 5 Zests of Life

  1. It was early winter of 1993. I was a bachelor that time. We decided to visit Bhimtal and Nainital on a 3 days tour. While coming from Nainital to Bhimtal early morning we decided to visit Sattal which is on the way. We reached Sattal at 5am and that was it. The most amazing scenery began while we started going downhill towards the last tal of the 7 tals, crossing one after the other in a swirling hilly path. The all 7 tals from the top gave a serene and most scenic view of my lifetime. 
  2. He was blind. I met him when I was 18 and was mad about learning electric guitar. I had tried at 2-3 places but none of the tutors were good enough to teach. It appeared as if in the name of training they themselves were getting trained. Ultimately I met Mr Peter. Though he could not see from his eyes but had all other organs of his body supporting him to see beyond what a normal person with eyes can see. When he used to teach, it appeared as if the learning is straightaway landing into my brain and the my fingers on the strings of guitar were directly under the control of Mr Peter. That was a compellingly zestful period of my life.
  3. The first bicycle that I got as a gift on my 9th birthday is still lying with me and brings in a good amount of exhilarating moments of my life in my mind, whenever I see it. 
  4. Books used to energize me right from the time I could read a book. I was quite passionate about books and by now have a huge collection of all my favorite books. Books have been real zest of my life throughout.
  5. The first complete software that I made solely for my first employer still reminds me about my passion in this field and the encouragement it gave me when the employer had a full basket of praises for the product that had had gone live with no problems and was well accepted by his customers.

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