Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 Zestful Instances of Life

  1. That was a fateful day for my team. I was captain of my college cricket team that had qualified for the zonal level competition and had reached the semi finals. The team against us in the semi finals was the most favorite that year and our chances of winning against that team was almost negligible. Well, it was last over of our batting and we had to make 23 runs to win that was seemingly looking impossible as we were 8 wicket down. I was batting with number 10. I had to face the first ball that was sent for 3 runs. Next ball I sent for 6 runs and then another 6. Now 3 balls were left and we had to make 8 runs to win. After a dot ball only 2 balls were left and 8 runs to reach finals. Next ball was fielded at boundary but we quickly had taken 2 runs. Last ball - I closed my eyes, remembered my God and pulled it to leg side with full force. It was a six. The most exciting moment of my life had been registered.
  2. I was in Mumbai many years back for a training, and had forgotten my wallet in the taxi that dropped me to my hotel from training institute that day. I didn't have any clue of the taxi that was gone and was totally depressed about the money and other stuff that was gone. After some 15-20 minutes there was a knock at the door and there was the taxi driver to return my wallet. A moment that inspired me to be honest all my life.
  3. Delhi riots of 1984 witnessed many saviors and killers. There was a family of 3 who were running to save themselves from the mob after them. All of a sudden out of all closed doors, one of the door all of a sudden opened and pulled all the 3 of them inside. The door was closed instantly and 3 lives were saved without thinking about religion and caste.
  4. When I failed in one of my examinations, one of my teachers who always used to motivate me, told me that at times failures are given by God to the person whom he trusts most and wants to give the best lessons of life on how to come out of failures and get success. And it became a lesson of life.
  5. I was driving late night on my bike when a family stopped me and asked my blood group. Their son was A+ and was in need of instant blood. That was a blissful instance when coincidentally my blood group matched and their son was saved. 

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