Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 Zestful Places of Life

My Home: A place that let me have so many firsts - first cry, first laugh, first walk, first fall, first food, first love, first affection and so on. This is the place where I got the foundation of my life. A place where the value of ethical values in life was taught and basic sacrament knowledge was imparted.

My School: A place where I had my first formal lesson of life. And then the subsequent lessons. Where I learnt the value of competition, and how to accomplish success without hurting someone else. This was the place where my foundation got extra cement and water to make it stronger and more powerful.

My College: A place that gave me freedom of my life and allowed me to think without any limitations and boundaries. A place where the acid test of life values began. A place where meanings of respect and knowledge took a new turn. The bookish environment changed to a place where attending a class was at your will.

Banyan Tree: This tree is older than me by many years. It is standing tall for years in my backyard. My mother told me it is older even than my father. The dense bushy tree is huge enough to provide us coolness in severe season and protect during the rain. It is consistently giving shelter to so many birds and is quite a happening place for various kinds of birds.

Temple: For years I am visiting this temple that is situated at the corner of our lane. The beginning of alleyway is with this temple where the prayers start early in the morning and attracts worshipers from all across. Everyday morning, without a break, there is a sweet sound of bells producing so much of positive energy that lets me walk on the right path without any deviation.

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