Sunday, July 20, 2014

Black Wishlist of 5 for You

Let me prepare a wishlist of 5 black items for you, my better half. The list would comprise of following items:

Mascara (Kajal): The jet black mascara suits your black eyes so well by making them more charming, lively and mysterious. I would love to get a whole life supply of mascara for your beautiful eyes. You know how pleasant the environment becomes when you will apply this black mascara in your eyes.

Hammock: A black hammock hanging from the roof of the room is on my cards to buy for you. It will ideally be giving a quite romantic atmosphere. This will be an ideal place where you could probably relax after finishing the daily chores.

Petunia: I know you love Petunia like anything and for that sake I would like to gift you a fresh nursery transplant of black Petunia specially brought for us from France. At some places they call it Black Cat Petunia and others call it Black Velvet Petunia. You really enjoy moving your fingers in this black beauty flower.

Mink Fur Coat: For years you have waited for this moment to get a black mink fur coat. Many years back, I remember, in a showroom you selected this coat for you but after getting to know the cost, you immediately decided to drop the idea of buying it. It is not that we could not buy it then or later during all these years, but you preferred to buy more important things for kids and me and keeping it as a secondary required item in the list.

A Vintage Eastman Anniversary Camera: Your love and passion for antiques has compelled me to find out this unique Eastman Anniversary camera for you to keep in your personal collection. Definitely this would be one of the excellently sweet surprises for you.

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