Sunday, July 20, 2014

My First Black Wishlist

Black color signifies concealed, enigmatic, mysterious and indefinite. Black means power, protector, and giver. Black shows confidence. Black in positive sense demonstrates a lot of power and strength. Black in fact is the combination of all colors. If color black had not been there, probably the significance of white would not be there too. That way, black gives importance and significance.

If I have to wish for 5 black things and the reason for that, it would probably be as below:

  1. Those black eyes (she knows about whom I am talking!). I wish those black eyes which are always full of love, to be with me forever, looking into my eyes, numerous times a day, and ensuring that life is beautiful.
  2. Coal for every poor man’s hearth: Enough coal to be available for every home of my country, for its hearth so as to enable them to cook food for every member of the family.
  3. Those 3 letter words: The first time we met outside with our families, the moment both families nodded to go ahead and a date was finalized for our nuptial bond. The same moment she wrote those 3 precious words on a white paper with black ink and handed over it to me. The paper and those 3 letters in black ink are my precious personal repository for lifetime. 
  4. Dark of the night: Dark of the night gives ample hope for the light to come along with the morning. Dark black surrounding in a lightless room demonstrates the value of light. It shows that how it is not possible to see without light and hence how important it is in life to carve your way out of the darkness of hearts and minds with the light of education, knowledge and wisdom.  Black in the darkness challenges to crave for light for myself and others.
  5. A small black effigy of Goddess Kali given to me by my grandmother in my childhood: I had a darkness phobia in my childhood by imagining fearful shapes in the dark and getting frightened. For that purpose I got this black effigy of Kali to get strength and do away with my phobia. And I did! So I would like to keep it with me forever. 

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