Monday, March 17, 2014

I Am A Woman And I Am On Sale by Mallika Nawal: A Bold Slap On Moral Bankruptcy

I Am A Woman And I Am On Sale By Mallika Nawal

I'm A Woman & I'm On Sale by Mallika Nawal is first of the trilogy series "I'm a Woman". It can be stated as a bold and blunt reality on what a woman has to face in all fronts of her life in out male dominant heartless society where a woman is just a material for a male with just one motive in mind - get the best out of it to the maximum extent and the moment it starts raising a voice against any injustice against her, beat her, suppress her, harass her, insult her, and if still she has some oxygen left in her, omit her from the page of society by any measure.

A sincere and bold effort to expose our society, though in a fiction story, but which is not too far from the reality of life, is the story of I'm A Woman & I'm On Sale. This is what is happening all around in the society where women with any name, stature, shape and role in society, have a large extent of Maya in them who has to keep struggling against the devil of the society and male chauvinism. Maya is the lead character of I'm A Woman & I'm On Sale by Mallika Nawal, who remains as the center point of story throughout 214 pages and 26 chapters of this soul probing and intriguing story written in an excellent manner.

Jograj is a powerful entity on political front who is running a corporate and is a totally spoiled character with money and power - both on his side. Like Bobby, Simi, and many more, Jograj tried to play with Maya after offering her a job in his company. Maya, when refused to play as per Jograj's whims and fancies, had to face a false blame against her for which she was being told to leave her job with immediate effect. Maya didn't give up so easily and decided to challenge Jograj in the court of law for which a young, dynamic, successful and brave lawyer Harsh Jalan comes forward. He also makes Maya meet his college friend turned psychologist to probe and identify some hardcore realities of Maya's early years.

A dirty game played by Jograj to weaken Maya's presentation in court, Harsh's moving out of the case by bending down to the power game of Jograj, Maya's case getting different twists and turns, a murder (or death) happening in between of an inmate of Maya's office, some secrets revelations by Deepali related to Maya's childhood and all those years and a lot more to get delved into to find out the crux of this interesting story. 
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