Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review: I Am Life by Shraddha Soni: Disown What You Have And Trade It For What Is Never Yours

There is a difference between what kind of gutter you are thrown in for the time being and under certain circumstances you are forced or compelled to spend some part of your life in that gutter before you shake yourself, wake yourself up and gather momentum and force to get out of that rubbish. And there is a guy who despite given best opportunities of life, never could think of living a neat and fruitful life; and instead kept throwing himself in a gutter, absorb its dirt and fowl smell, come out of it and then jump into a worse smelling and dirty gutter. This is what is the story of I Am Life by Shraddha Soni. There are people who don't have resources and opportunities in life to become better and they are forced to live their life on road, with no home, no shelter, no education, no hygiene, no provision of covering their life and body completely.

But then what will you say about those who had all those opportunities, resources and chances in life to lead to a better life but still they stay in junk and make their life junk. If life is only about sex, drugs, drinks, booze, and likewise; then probably it is not a normal life, it is not a life liven by majority of people on this earth, it is exceptional and abnormal way of life. The story of I Am Life is about Siddharth Khanna who had an ambition in his life that he could not fulfill due to circumstances and then his journey of compromises started. He compromised to marry a girl, join his in-laws family business and become totally dependent on them for all his needs of life. But instead of leading himself to a better life, he ditched his in-laws, his wife - by sleeping with other women, keeping his wife, Rhea, in dark, breaking heart of his only son Neil.

The guy probably never knew about the right path to be taken in life, and apparently for certain instances of his life - he got money, status and wife - beyond probably what he deserved or had asked for in his life - and this is what spoil his thinking and lifestyle. During the complete journey of 186 pages of this not too well structured and properly presented story - Siddharth seems never to have found the right path though at times he seems to have reached to a level of introspection where he has found the crux of all what is missing in his life and the reason behind this.

Overall a not too convincing story though it could have taken a much better, serious and intriguing path to get the reader engrossed and hooked to it.
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