Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review: The Hunt For Kohinoor: Trust Nothing, Not Even The Mirror

The Hunt For Kohinoor: Book 2 of the Thriller Series Featuring Mehrunisa Khosa by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar is an excellent thriller that keeps you intact and hooked to this 425 pages novel. The thriller keeps you on your toes while vigorously moving you among various locations in India, Pakistan, PoK and Afghanistan. In fact the start itself goes along with an explosive murder of the Pakistan Premier who is going to sign a major deal with Indian Premier so as to get closed a year on year, long time ongoing tension between the two countries - about Kashmir. The signing of deal was going to happen along with a major disclosure by Pak Premier about a terrorist attack being planned inside India at one of the most strategically critical location

But all of a sudden with this attack things get a major turnaround by giving terrorists an upper edge. The chief of RAW, the top most Indian Intelligence Services, has no other choice but send a civilian young lady Mehrunisa, who is an historian and the daughter of a Afghani mother and Indian Sikh father. Mehrunisa, who was under the impression that her father was no more in this world, all of a sudden finds him alive and that too in a state where he needed her help to get out of the situation. Mehrunisa is sent to Pakistan on a special mission to find out Kohinoor, and save India from a major crisis.

Mehrunisa aka Mehr aka Mehrunisa Khosa gets her father Harinder Singh Khosa aka Harry aka Snow Leopard lost when he gets kidnapped in front of her and then for a long haul of years she keeps remembering him and thinking that she has lost her forever. Harry on the other hand meets with an accident and lost his memory for the portion of his life where he had a wife and a daughter. And then when after so many years in the same explosion where President of Pakistan gets murdered by terrorist's plan by planting a suicidal bomb, his memory returns back and he starts hunting for his wife and daughter. It is RAW chief Jag Mishra aka Chanakya who had kept a regular track of Harry's daughter for a purpose and, it is the same strategic mind, who decided for Mehr to go to Pakistan and hunt for the documents, named as Kohinoor, that had the details of planning of Terrorist group and Jihadis to disrupt normal life in India in a big way.

It was Babur Khan aka Badhshah Khan who was leading this serious attack that was going to happen within 4 days of Pakistan's President murder. Overall, an intense and engrossing stuff that keeps interest flowing right from the word 'go' and after every page you just ask yourself - what next?

Author Manreet Sodhi Someshwar has an intelligent way of writing interesting story and weaving plot. At few places, you might feel story getting over extended but still not to the mark of getting it in a boring slot in The Hunt For Kohinoor.
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