Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Review: The Billionaire And The Barfly by Adrianne James: An Interesting New Adult Romance Novel

The Billionaire & The Barfly by Adrianne James is a new adult romance genre novel. This is a story of Henry Maximus and Aubrey Vincent and the love between the two. Henry is proud to be a super-hero-geek. He is quite smart and intelligent in business as well. In a very short period of his career and at a very young age Henry is able to get to the top of his career ladder to become CEO of Maximus Gaming based on his genius and sharp mindedness. He has become a multi billionaire by now. At this top, he has certain drawbacks – of having a different girl every night. Though he has become tired of this and wants to do away with his bachelorhood by marrying a girl of his dreams that he has not been able to find out so far.

For Aubrey Vincent there in no better priority in her life other than the job she is having. The next promotion in her current job would bring her the freedom that she is starving for all these years – it will get her to her own apartment and she would be able to move out of the attic where she is living with her parents. She is so delved into her job that she never got any time to think about relationships in her life. That doesn’t mean that she is not beautiful or attractive, but then she has her own set of priorities where there is no room for a relationship as of now.  She also has a habit of picking a man randomly from the bar with whom she has no hassles to spend a night without sharing their names or other details.

On a business trip there happens a small encounter between Henry and Aubrey that transforms Henry’s life to a different angle. Getting to know that Aubrey belongs to the same small town he left many years back, he decides to move back there. Though Henry is in serious love with Aubrey but she on the other hand takes Henry not more than the men she picks from the bar for a night.

There starts a big race of Henry trying to reach to Aubrey’s heart…

Overall The Billionaire & The Barfly by Adrianne James would be an interesting grab for all readers loving to read New Adult Romance Genre.

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