Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Review: Crystal Deception by Doug J Cooper: A Superb Sci-Fi Futuristic thriller

Crystal Deception written by Doug J Cooper is a fantastically woven Sci-Fi Futuristic thriller. It was released on September 15, 2013 and is going great guns on global arena. Doug spent his childhood in Florida and during those days he stood on a Florida beach watching an Apollo spacecraft climbing the sky on its destination to land on moon. The view of pillar trails of flames made him go thrilled to see how it were making the rocket propelled upwards with a tremendous feat of energy. He grew up as an educator and entrepreneur with his interest intact in innovative and inventive stories.

Crystal Deception by Doug J Cooper is full of creativity and imagination power of the author that comes along with his real life experiences, perceptions and learning to create this science fiction with tremendous amount of action and adventure that will engage its readers right from page one till the end. Plot of the story of Crystal Deception progresses with lot of twists and turns and keeps the interest of its reader alive and intact throughout. You will find a number of surprises bundled in its story.

The story of Crystal Deception is about its lead character Criss who lives in a world of his own and is able to see and hear everything and anything that is happening around the world. His special abilities are noticed by Dr. Jessica Talette and she knows that all the positive energy that Criss carries within himself is going to offer a great help to humanity sooner or later. Criss is being kept in a specially prepared prison because of the difference that he carries within him. He is built with an emotional artificial intelligence and has an intellectual power that is equivalent to over thousand human beings. If Criss is left free, it would be an impossible task to control his powers. There is lot more to grasp...

Overall an interesting powerful story to enjoy. 
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