Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book Review: India Travel Survival Guide For Women by Shalu Sharma:A Sincere Effort For A Severe Cause

India Travel Survival Guide for Women by Shalu Sharma is a sincere and serious attempt by a woman write for all women who travel or intend to travel in India. India is one of the most versatile country in terms of caste, regionalism, culture, traditions and religion. You will face different set of problems in different cities. For women, India is still a not very safe and secured place to roam around specially during night, and in isolated locations.

As far as cover of India Travel Survival Guide for Women by Shalu Sharma is concerned - it is quite catchy, fitting perfectly well with the topic and provides a good amount of hint right away what are the intentions of the writer. So if you are a  woman who is coming to India for the first time or umpteenth time, or if you are a woman in India and have some known women who keep visiting the country; or if you are someone who cares for women specially those who are coming from other countries with a complete trust; then this book is for you for your own enlightenment or to guide others for whom you care.

India Travel Survival Guide for Women by Shalu Sharma talks about extremities and mostly are based on the reality of life in the country. Definitely there are serious areas of concern that need attention from administration and government agencies and are lingering on for years now with no focused attention. There are 24 chapters - each one is unique and quite informative. The book has been written with real cases and data that cannot be denied and are quite sensitive to bring shame to the nation. India has many religious and pious cities & tourist places - but it is shameful that many of the heinous crimes against foreigner women tourists have happened in these places.

Overall India Travel Survival Guide for Women by Shalu Sharma is a must read to get your grey cells shaken and getting acquainted with the real facts that are too harsh and insulting. Before this cancer spreads to a third degree in the country, a collective and focused attention is required to get the slate neat and clean once for all so that even a young woman never thinks twice for travelling in the country at any moment of time and to any place. 
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