Saturday, June 01, 2013

Short Story: An Innocent Murder

Peter was nicknamed "Wind" during his schooldays itself. He was a born sprinter and had started earning fame at a very young age. This never impacted on his studies as he used to secure quite good marks in exams. During schooling itself he won many national awards for his record breaking finish in 100m, 200m and relay races. He participated in many junior and sub junior international events and brought in many medals, trophies and acclamations.

After his schooling he was welcomed by best of the colleges for two reasons - one, he was one of the best sportsperson of the country, and two, he was as good in studies as in running. It was during second year that he met the princess of his heart and the same Nikki felt about him. Soon they fell into relationship and decided to marry as soon as Peter finishes his graduation and establishes himself as world's best sprinter in the forthcoming Olympics after 2 years. Meanwhile Nikki had her plans to become a doctor. Nikki was also tall as Peter, tall and slim. She was a perfect match for the most handsome student of her college being the most beautiful girl among all girls in the college.

Having born in a notorious country where crime always was at its peak, Peter was offered a government house in most secured place in the city. He also got sanctioned for keeping a gun with him for his personal safety. There used to be frequent murders, robberies and kidnaps in his country.

Peter was in his final year and Nikki in her second. It was one night before Valentine's day that both spent evening together and then parted for their respective apartments. Nikki had some other plans to surprise Peter the next day, by giving him the best gift for their first Valentine's Day. Peter entered his apartment, studied for a while, had his dinner and ensured all doors locked before going to sleep.

It was 4 in the morning when he suddenly woke up and sensed someone in his bathroom in the light of the night bulb in his lobby. Thinking about the crime in his country, he quickly pulled out his German revolver from under his pillow that was already fitted with silencer. He saw the figure in his bathroom coming towards the door and before that criminal could come out and attack on him, he pulled the trigger of his pistol thrice. He could see the tall figure in a long overcoat falling down on the floor.

After waiting for few minutes and ensuring that there was no movement in the body lying on the floor of his bathroom, Peter pushed the door of his bathroom but found it locked from inside. Bringing in the key and opening of door took some time. Peter opened the door, switched on the lights in the bathroom and got shocked, his head revolving, body trembling for shock and tears falling from his eyes. It was Nikki, the love of his life, there on the floor, dead, with three bullets in her body - one straight in the forehead, second in the neck and third in her ribs. Enough of blood had flown out to ensure she was dead.

Peter quickly took her body in his arms, pulling keys of his car, ran downstairs and raced to city hospital but in vain. Doctors confirmed about Nikki's death. Police arrested Peter soon who was lifeless after losing his life already, Nikki. While he was being taken to the Jail, he pulled out his mobile from his pocket to call his mom to tell her about this incident when he noticed an unread message.

The message was from Nikki send at 2 in the early morning on Valentine Day saying - "Hey Sweetheart, You are about to get the best of the Valentine Gifts one could ever get in next couple of hours".

Peter had given a duplicate key of his apartment to Nikki a few months back though he knew that Nikki might not require it as they used to meet everyday in the college.
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