Saturday, June 01, 2013

Book Review: Across The Zodiac By Percy Greg: A Slow Journey From Earth To Mars

Across The Zodiac by Percy Greg (Born 1836, died December 24 1889) is an interesting historical reproduction pertaining to the period prior to 1923. Across The Zodiac, written in 1880 is a good science fiction that can be treated as a predecessor of the genre that evolved later named as sword and planet. The title could seem to be misleading to some at first instance who would be thinking it as something related to zodiac, sun sign, moon sign, astrology etc.

The story revolves around secret societies, romance and military combats with excellent amount of characterization, sequencing, and script. Overall it is an interesting thriller. The story belongs to the latter part of 19th century where a man decides to chalks out to his way to travel from earth to a planet supposed to resemble earth known as Mars. The man manages to reach at Mars and strangely finds there existence of a society that resembles to those at earth but varied from them in many aspects.

The two negative points of this book are – one, the title that is confusing and misleading; two – the storyline which is damn slow. It takes ages (and pages) to read about a small instance that could be finished in half a paragraph which has been written in such a descriptive manner. Overall, if you have patience and persistence to afford and manage to get through the slowness and boredom while reading this book; you are bound to find it interesting enough to crossover. 
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