Sunday, June 02, 2013

Book Review: American Leaders and Heroes: A Flashback Of American Heroes And Leaders

American Leaders and Heroes written by Wilbur Fisk Gordy, is about Heroes and Leaders of America that built America during the era prior to 1923. This book is a must for all Americans and those who are living in other parts of world but are keen to know about the real heroes and leaders who own the credit of building the United States during the era 1901-1923 and rather the real story begins much prior to 1901.

The first chapter begins with Christopher Columbus and discovery of America. Then it talks about Hernando De Soto and the discovery of the Mississippi. Moving further you will get to learn about first attempts of colonization of America by English and the man behind it – Sir Walter Raleigh. The settlement of Jamestown had a big contribution from John Smith. When the uprising of people in Virginia took place in 1676 what important role was played by Nathaniel Bacon – you will get to know here.

Each of the heroes – Miles Standish, Roger Williams, William Penn, Cavelier De La Salle, George Washington, James Wolfe, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, Nathaniel Greene, Daniel Boone, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Fulton; and many more have been given place in this book along with the elaborative mention of their contribution that made them a great Hero and Superb Leader.

Overall this book talks about those great leaders and heroes, about wars and battles, about inventions and discoveries – all that made the United Nations as a great country.
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