Thursday, June 06, 2013

HP Print Art IndiBlogger Meet: Well It Is All About Technology For Family Now

HP has  been known for Technology and Innovation. The company has globally conquered Corporate World for their Technology requirements for years be it Printing, Scanning, Multi Purpose (3-in-one, 4-in-one - scanner/ printer/ fax/ copier etc.), Servers, Networking and more. Its state of the art photo print technology has established it a leader in the field. And gradually from corporate it moved on to family affairs.

The way it has innovated technology and brought high quality and supreme technology easily affordable for any class of family. Per page print cost that used to be enormously high and not easily possible to afford has suddenly become something easy to acquire and hence enjoy day to day family requirements regarding printing/ scanning/ copier etc. available at home with better quality. The cost of printing per page has dropped down to one-fourth (and even lesser) as compared to last couple of years with technology going manifold higher.

The stuff has become too sturdy and rugged to use for years without any fear of occurrence of any fault or defect so easily in their products. Moreover the home service regarding genuine cartridge that has started has made end user's life much easier. So whether it is your school going kids having lot of printing/ scanning requirements related to their homework/ projects etc. or matured college going kids having intensive scanning, copy or printing requirements. Now you don't need to rush to nearby cybercafe for such requirements paying hefty amount and fearing about rush besides spending hefty amount and wasting lot of time.

Some of the most appropriate home products launched are:

1. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2515 All-in-one: It is a multipurpose device that is a scanner, printer and copier. For a normal black printing of good quality, cost per page comes out to be a little less than .95 paisa.

2. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3515 All-in-one: With per page printing cost less than .82 paisa, this multipurpose smart device can give you over 1000 prints per month serving you with printing, scanning, copying and web services. It supports you with USB and Wi-Fi ports.

3. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3525 e-All-in-on: Here comes the big brother with lot of wonders for you. It can print, scan, copy, ePrint, Duplex printing, Printing over Wi-Fi... so much so that it prints without requirement of connecting the device with your computer/ laptop.

There is lot more in store for plenty of technology, enjoyment and much much more during HP Print Indiblogger Meet on 8th June. It is going to be a family bonanza...

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