Saturday, June 01, 2013

Book Review: UF Genre: Death Ain't But A Word: A Super Exciting Supernatural Journey

Death Ain’t But  A Word by Zander Marks is an interesting story revolving around a homeless drug addict Wilkin and published by Yardwalker Press. Wilkin is a crackhead who was not sure about real existence of ghosts since his childhood but a situation comes when he is forced to believe in their existence when he encounters the ghost of his dead best friend.

The tagline of Death Ain’t But A World is ‘A Supernatural Hot Mess’ and it lives to it through each page of the book. Wilkin is a non-stereotyped main character in this book that is bound to take you to a supernatural thrill ride. Wilkin is super crazy about ghosts but his life takes a big turnaround when he finds out the skull of his childhood best friend Humphrey, from the backyard of a not too well running motel. And the turnaround brings in a supernatural hunt in a really big way. The plot of this book is so well conceived that you will get hooked to it right since its first page and provided you like reading urban fantasy. If that is true, you are definitely going to be a big fan of Zander Marks while reading this book.

The story will give you a surprise mix of wit and horror, laughter and Goosebumps. The story is so well written that makes you dive into it. If you are expecting that this book will be powerful enough to engage you throughout the journey and keep your interest up, it is definitely going to exceed your expectations. 
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