Friday, May 31, 2013

Book Review: Toke by Jugal Mody: The Most Illogical Book Ever Read

Nothing looks relevant or that can be correlated with anything logical or real. It is a very different kind of imaginative stuff more towards keeping you engaged to get bored all the time you try your best to read this book by spinning out its pages. It becomes hard at times to absorb what you are trying to while reading this book and then you start to swallow it like something that you have to eat and can’t tolerate its taste in the mouth. This is the crux of Toke written by Jugal Mody. This is Jugal’s first book and it is really appreciable that he has dared to write this book in a style that is something unique and innovative though the final product produced and delivered is not at all what you would like to look at or try to read. It will be really daring at your end if you do it.

There are a number of characters around whom the whole story revolved around. The main character is Nikhil who is surrounded by Danny, Aman, Alok, Suparna, a talking crow and Lord Vishnu. Talking crow and Lord Vishnu have been projected more in a comical manner whereas the real characters like Nikhil, Aman, Danny are most of the time are busy in drinking and are under the heavy impact of overdosing of drugs. Lord Vishnu, the famous Hindu God has been projected in a funny manner and so is the talking crow that is visible to these guys, and audible too.

Could not really make out what is the target audience Jugal Mody had in mind while writing such a crude, daring and illogical book titled Toke at all. Overall, from my side, it is a big NO for this book while I am still wondering how HarperCollins India, a publisher of repute decided to go ahead to publish it.
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