Saturday, June 15, 2013

Book Review: The Slow Route Home: A Short Story Of Calmness And Peace

The Slow Route Home is a short story with a life size message written by Paul Read thereby becoming a necessity for everyone to read it. Paul was born in London, the United Kingdom who moved to live and work in Granada, Southern Spain. Paul is popularly known as Teapot Monk or the Gazpacho Monk (@Gazpachomonk on Twitter). Paul teaches many languages, and Tai Chi besides performing many other activities on and off the digital world. His passion of travelling and keenly observing the world through a different angle clearly reflects in his life and writings.

The Slow Route Home is story of Miguel who sells his truck and buys a mule. The whole village starts believing, after this act of Miguel, that he is crazy that appears to be apparently correct too. But on the other hand Miguel has a different style of thinking, living, looking at things and the world. He believes in following his inner voice and thereby
building a different stock of wisdom for him that keeps guiding and directing him. Miguel loves peace and calmness in life and that is what he continuously strives for. He has his own land in the village where he does olive farming mostly. Miguel impresses his village mates with his different kind of vision, philosophy and living style and relations. He believes in hard work.

If understood correctly, story of The Slow Route Home by Paul Read can be seen as a perfect fit in modern era. The amazing lifestyle of Miguel with his priorities of hard work, calmness and peace is a definite set of guidelines for others to follow. The basic theme of this book is to demonstrate the change in yourself what to want to see in the world. 

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