Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Short Story: Common Man And Gornment

One day two men living in the same city died at the same time and were in front of God for his final verdict on their final destination. Name of the first man was 'Common Man' and the other was known as Gornment. God asked both if they knew each other since both belonged to the same city. "YES", the common man shouted sarcastically.

"How? " God asked. "This bugger would visit me every five years shamelessly posing like a beggar asking for my vote and promising me a good and respectable life once he is in power. I always got drifted away and voted him thinking that he will remain respectful to his commitment but that never happened. The moment he got into power he forgot everything except his own welfare. He started looting his own country and countrymen. From beggar he quickly turned into a criminal but safely covered not to be caught ever. My country and so we all got pulled below poverty line at the cost of him going up and up above it exponentially." The Common Man said.

Gornment agreed to it.

Gornment said - "Yes, I was the biggest actor on this earth. I posed like a beggar when it was election time and then I changed color like a chameleon. As I have evil powers inside me, I always preferred to go illegal wearing a legal blanket just because I was in power. I forgot what I promised to the 'Common Man' and became so selfish to focus only on my personal growth by whatsoever means."

God gave a calm smile and then addressed to both of them - First facing towards 'Common Man' - "See, you are innocent and that is why you believe any fox behind the face of a lamb but ultimately if you see, he suffers the most in this world who cheats with you and not you".

Then God said facing Gornment - "You started digging your own grave the moment you started ditching 'Common Man' of your country. Money and assets did start piling up but at the double pace your family life started getting ruined. You became a puppet in your own hands. You lost your originality and became emotionless. You got into health troubles, sleeplessness, no happiness and a loner in reality. In fact you started a track where there was no go back and the end was a steep tunnel dark and frightful."

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