Saturday, June 15, 2013

Book Review: Seven Days Without You: A Transformation From Fantasy To Real Love

Seven Days Without You is an interesting book written by Anmol Rana and published by Frog Books. Anmol is a writer of new generation. At 35, he appears to be a keen observer, deep grasper and a good writer based on the style of his writing. A Dehradun born and brought up, he studied in and around Dehradun only (Dehradun and Mussoorie) where he completed his post graduation in science. He is a scientist in DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization), Dehradun. 

The story of this Youth Romantic novel Seven Days Without You revolved around a youth Vishwas Rana (Vishu) living in Dehradun who gets selected in a Company in Delhi as a Software Engineer. This book of 336 pages covers those first seven days of Vishwas travelling from Dehradun to Delhi on day one join his first job in Delhi, next five days in his office and returning back to his home on seventh day. These seven days   provide lot of experience to Vishu in terms of understanding the world in a better way, transforming him from immature to maturity; and realizing the real love of his life. During these seven days, Vishwas not only understood the real meaning of love and its differentiation from fantasy but also was able to introspect himself  to his core depth and understand real facts of his life.

A number of bad experiences that Vishwas encountered in Delhi/ Ghaziabad including those of his own uncle's family were in a way good enough to understand and realize people in and around his life; and their purposes/ motives behind what all good acts they do for others. Finally it took some time for Vishwas to realize that it is Shailja, his childhood friend, who is the real love of his life with whom he can live his whole life happily. Overall a good, neat, interesting and introspective book in  youth romance genre.

A couple of points for Anmol - 
1. This book seems to carry lot of real life experiences that you have worded quite powerfully thereby making it a superb read.
2. Had it been Shailja in place of Vishwas who had gone to Delhi and had encountered all these experiences; would Vishwas have accepted her once she had narrated him these experiences on meeting him?

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