Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review: The Dogma Of Cats For Kids By Deb Snyder: A Simple Crisp Way Of Life Teachings

One thing would become crystal clear after reading The Dogma Of Cats For Kids by Deb Snyder, PhD; that  you don't require heavy reading to learn greatest lessons of life. This 30 odd pages book depicts that in simplest of the words you can convey best of the messages provided you have that art of writing with you that Deb Snyder carries with her. The crux of life can be explained in few words that can reflect the whole of the world. This simple book has that power of winning the heart of any child living within a body of any age. Parents and grandparents would not only love to read it but also read aloud for the kids at home. Each of the page has a distinct message to make your life more beautiful and meaningful.

The Dogma of Cats for Kids by Deb Snyder published by AngelBaby Press via CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform is available for $14.95 at all leading online bookstores ISBN: 978-1484014547.  Dr Deb Snyder is as good adult books writer as for children. Her earlier writings have been appreciated well across the globe and she is a proud owner of prestigious awards like Gold Mom's Choice Award and Silver Nautilus Award. Deb has done doctorate in metaphysical philosophy. The central character in her book The Dogma for Cats for Kids is one of her four cats Cagney. The book has been dedicated to cat lovers all across the globe. There is something sacrosanct in cats that makes them lovable, warm and cute.

Cats are graceful and have a lot to teach us all some great lessons of life on how to make our life happy, wonderful and enjoyable under all circumstances. This simple to read and easy to understand book is full of pictorials to make it more illustrative and interesting. The way to lead a simply great life has been taught with the help of philosophy of cats.

Again: A must read for all kids of any age.

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