Friday, June 28, 2013

Short Fiction Story: Ambi Pur With A New Mission To Make India FreshNHappy

P&G decided to take their product Ambi Pur to another level and make it so perfect that it absorbs all dirty smell of the country and freshen up with a new smell of corruption free in order to make every common man of India a Happy person. The mission has moved on to a higher level from making Homes and Cars odor free towards making the whole country odor free.  Well, the worst odor that is biting our country is Corruption. 

Had corruption been erupted from our country since our Independence, it could have been totally an altogether different scenario today. All this couldn't happen since all research was going on and Ambi Pur team was working out on how to get success in this largest sized mission. Once Ambi Pur Team
found out a perfect solution, they decided to organize Ambi Pur IndiBlogger Meet in association with IndiBlogger. For this the Ambi Pur team decided to call on all the soldiers who use pen as a sword to fight every battle in life. Mission was to make them understand the power of Ambi Pur and hand them over the newly developed magical Ambi Pur to make the whole country filled with fragrance of freshness. 

This freshness fragrance is bottled in a brilliant intelligent pack that has an automatic sensor for sensing people with seeds of corruption, hatred and other negative factors acting as unwanted odors in the country. Once it senses these people, there is an automatic spray on such people that straightaway hits on their brain so as to convert all those bad odors floating in their mind and heart, convert it to an everlasting fragrance of freshness...

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