Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review: Astrology of 13 Signs of the Zodiac: An Interesting Insight About Zodiacs

Astrology is an interesting subject as far as most of the people are concerned. During my college days I read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs many a times and every time I used to extract a different kind of information about various zodiacs. Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus the New Sign of the Zodiac Circle by Vasilis Kanatas is equally interesting book that goes further into depth to throw an extra piece of light on astrology. For a very long time astrology based on sun signs talked about 12 zodiacs or 12 sun signs. Existence and significance of 13th sun sign then started emerging out lately. Astrology has been an age old concept probably popular in all countries. As per astrology, the position of various planets put a large impact on our life. Not only these sun signs influence our lives but also impacts on the things happening around us.

The time and date of birth of any person determines the personality, future and other traits of that person’s life. The book talks about the science and philosophy behind the planets and their positions in that put their impact on planet earth. This book instead of talking about twelve zodiacs discloses reality about thirteen zodiacs. There are plenty of diagrams, illustrations and insights to prove the existence of thirteenth zodiac and its impact on the life of human beings. If you have interest in zodiacs and sun signs, this book is certainly going to be a good read for you but even if you don’t have interest in astrology and zodiacs, still this book can be an engrossing read for you because of the fluent writing and interestingly explained subject. One this is certain that the knowledge of thirteen zodiacs is new for all of us and that is what makes this book more interesting and a must read for all of us.

Though there have been some stories in the past too regarding the thirteenth sun sign but none of those writings were convincible or illustrated well enough to prove the case. In Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus the New Sign of the Zodiac CircleVasilis Kanatas has been successful in attaining that success in a remarkable manner.
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