Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Comparison Between Microsoft XboxOne Sony PlayStation4 And NintendoWiiU

The war is on. It is between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Xbox One is hot and so is PlayStation 4 but Nintendo Wii U is also not far behind with its unique set of fans who eagerly keep waiting for the newer releases from Nintendo with more and more advanced features.

Gaming world knows nothing about age limits. It attracts audience from all across the globe and gaming geeks of any age. Let us have a look at comparison between Xbox One from Microsoft, Nintendo Wii U and Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) based on some fundamental parameters. If we look at Processor – Xbox One has CPU that is 8 core x86 whereas Nintendo has Tri-core IBM 1.24 GHz Power PC. PS4, like Xbox One, has an 8-core x86. Nintendo Wii U is far behind in race as far as RAM (Random Access Memory) is concerned. It has 2 GB RAM whereas Xbox One and PS4, both have 8 GB of RAM.

Wii U Nintendo has four USB 2.0 ports and supports 802.11n Wireless Connection. PlayStation 4 support connection through USB 3.0 port, LAN/ Ethernet cable, Wireless 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1. Xbox has USB 3.0 port, direct port and wireless 802.11n. Price wise I feel PS4 would be highest, then Xbox and lowest would be Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo Wii U is between the range of USD 300 to USD 350. Both Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One don’t have backward compatibility whereas Nintendo Wii U has backward compatibility with its predecessor Wii.

Secondary Storage (HDD) in case of Xbox is 500 GB, for PS4 is not revealed yet and in Wii U it is merely 8 GB at entry level extendible to 32 GB. GPU is AMD powered in Xbox (more details yet to reveal by Microsoft), in Nintendo it is AMD Radeon 550 MHz where in PS4 it is advanced Next-gen AMD Radeon running at 1.84 TFLOPS (Floating Point Operations Per Second). All three have latest and advanced Blu-ray Optical drive. High Density Multimedia Interface is in/out both in Xbox. In case of PS4 also it is both whereas in Nintendo Wii U it is only Out.

Both Xbox One and PS4 are planned to be released later this year, Nintendo Wii U is already released and readily available in the market.

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