Saturday, May 18, 2013

If My Dad Was A Politician: Though If It Had Happened

If my Dad was a Politician, though it appeared to be a rarest of the rare possibilities due to various reasons, but still, if my Dad was a Politician, he really would have been a big danger for Corruption in my country. He would have been very selective in nominating people for various locations, and the criteria would have been solely based on their merits and not on their power. He would have never bowed power but has been a genuine recognizer of right people having a good heart and sound mind. He would have easily recognized right against the wrong people who falsely pose good just to grab a seat.

If my Dad was a politician, he would never have compromised for any wrong situation and pressures. He would have not taken a minute to sack a non performing or corrupt administrator or politician. He would have alway given priority to commitments given to people who would have voted for him.

I know my father would have never been a politician because he hated corruption and politicians and worshipped the freedom fighters who gave freedom to India in lieu of their life and family. But if he had been a politician, following his principles, I would have built a squad similar to black commandos to silently and secretly eradicate corruption and corrupt people on the soul of my country minting money in the name welfare of poor people of my country but that money going into their personal accounts in overseas banks.

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