Sunday, May 26, 2013

हम थे वो थी और समा रंगीन समझ गए ना

Ambiance: It was like a dark moonless night's sky full of stars has landed on earth. That was the getup given to the Pandal set for this memorable party.

Entertainment: It was planned and executed as best of the entertainment possible on this earth. A group of 30 blind children was invited from the central blind school so as to accompany us to increase the grace of our party.

Location: Location was finalized as one of the nearby community hall.

Occasion: My Grandma's 89th Birthday.

I had never met her before. I had heard about her a little but was not sure she would be so stunningly gorgeous and scintillatingly beautiful. She was there almost in the middle of the hall and was the attraction of all present in the party. All eyes were on her (including those of 30 blind kids probably whose sixth sense was indicating them about that particular spot's specialty) but she was not focussed on any particular person of the corner. Probably she herself was lost in her own beauty for that matter.

She was not alone but was accompanied by few of her equally beautiful and gorgeous buddies. It was not difficult to make out that the group belonged to the same family. Her family was the talk of every mouth present in the party. So all eyes on her, everyone talking about her... that was really an astonishingly cloud 9 situation for her and, of course, her family members. It was almost one-third of the party gone when one announcement - and everyone started walking towards her.

This is not what I had expected, everyone had almost gheraoed her and she accompanies. She was still graciously smiling and had no nervousness that I was passing through. First it was the chance for 30 blind children to feel her, touch her and taste her...

Well, let us get out of confusion... It was a group of dishes and delicacies from Kitchens of India. She was none other than the Dal Bukhara from Kitchens of India accompanied by her buddies - Murg Methi, Mughlai Paneer, Mirch Ka Salan along with a couple of Pulaos, Biryanis, and various Breads. Followed by these beautiful dishes, we turned to the sweet ones - that covered a variety of 4 Halwas.

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