Saturday, March 16, 2013

Short Story: Untitled

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A young executive was nervously biting her nails. A golden nameplate on her neatly maintained dress, shining under the lamppost on the side of road where she was standing, displayed her name as Annie. Annie was sweating profusely, crying nonstop and biting her nails after reaching to the extreme level of nervousness. She was working as a senior newsreader on the number one national news channel. She got fantastic remarks from the CEO of  Rony News Channel, Mr. Roney at the time of her final interview for the post of associate news anchor. Mr. Roney had said - "Surprising to note that it is very difficult to ascertain whether you are more beautiful or more intelligent. This is an amazing combination I have seen for the first time that a young girl like you who has just come out of college with degree in Mass Communication and is just 21. Hope you grow faster and stay happy in this channel." And then he had added - "Annie, I am feeling proud to recruit you for the number one  national news channel." In a short period of 2 years Annie had become Senior Newsreader and a number of medals, appreciation letters etc.

Annie was not supposed to stay till so late in the office today. Had she known it earlier, she would have not come in her own car. Even at the time of leaving she had an option of leaving her car parked in office take company's car. But she was so nervous and confused at that moment that she was not in a state of thinking all this. Even the guard at the gate tried to stop her to ask for any assistance, but she totally ignored him. Her duty was only till 10.30 in the night. It was a phone call from Mr. Roney that forced her to stay and wait for him. Mr. Roney was one among the youngest successful entrepreneur in the country. He was 30 and also the most eligible bachelor. 

At 11.30 Mr Roney arrived and called Annie in his room. Annie had no clue why Mr. Roney told her to stay and wanted to meet her in person. She guessed it might be related to some important international assignment on which he was working on for last 1 year. Annie could see a box packed on Mr Roney's table. Mr Roney was looking as handsome as ever. Mr Roney was looking a bit nervous but when he stared speaking he was confident as usual. He looked into her eyes and shifted the silver color box in front of her, saying - "Annie, I am strong enough to live my whole life without giving you a single indication that I love you since you joined my organization and I want to confess that I want to marry you. You take this box which has a ring inside that my Mom gave me before dying to be given to the girl that comes in my life for lifetime. If you feel you can live happily with me after marrying me, it would be there in your finger when you come to office tomorrow. Else just throw it anywhere on your way back to home because there will be nobody else who can come in my life now." 

Annie was totally blank. She never had any idea about it and was nowhere near to Mr Roney's living standards. This all of a sudden change in her life had confused her totally. But finally she made up her mind, tried to make herself stronger and walked towards her new Honda car. While driving back, she opened the box, took out the ring and threw the box out of the window.

Next day morning she walked in the office with a sparkling piece in her ring finger.

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