Sunday, March 17, 2013

Book Review: F?@K KNOWS: Live Life Like You Give A F?@k

F?@k Knows written by Shailendra Singh appears to be a combination of self confession, self help, autobiographical, philosophical and management book. Lot of things that author would have liked to do in life but was not able to have been prescribed. On the other hand lot of things that he should have done under various circumstances, realizing them later also have been penned down here. It emphasizes to be 'be yourself', be on ground of reality, listen to your heart before taking any decision, think before taking a call under any kind of situation etc.

Shailendra Singh, in his latest book F?@k Knows, has pointed out some very basic questions of life in a very philosophical manner. What one would like to seek from life? Whether one is on right track? What exactly would be the right track? Who decided what is right and what is wrong? And finally, a very fundamental question - Whether one is really happy in life? Shailendra Singh recommends this book to all those whose answers to all above questions is same and is just two words - F?@k Knows. As per the author, it is important to realize in life that you are lost. Once realized, next important point is to admit it and then start the journey of finding yourself by seeking real answers to above questions. 

Another important point raised by Shailendra Singh in F?@k Knows is for acquiring real happiness in life, one must follow his heart. It might look like a simple line easy to adopt in life but it take years for some to really find out - What makes them happy? What actually they want in life? What is the right time to listen to your heart before taking any crucial decision?

Overall it is an interesting read, having a good amount of toppings of wit and humor but able to make you understand in a simple manner what Shailendra Singh wants to convey. Once you dive into this book, you will definitely come out with quite a good number of valuable stones filled in your heart and mind. Although it might appear to be a light read at first instance but gradually as you move further, you will find it quite interesting and innovative way of writing probing you for some basic and fundamental questions pertaining to your own life. At times you feel as if this is what you keep asking yourself from time to time, something coming out of the heart.

Initially, the title also may seem as a bit unacceptable but while reading and understanding the intent of the author behind his using this word again and again in each of the chapter, the content starts becoming friendly, positive and acceptable gradually. The gravity and depth behind this light read starts appearing understandable and thus the purpose of using a particular word quite frequently.

Since this is a light read but still carrying lot of good messages to convey to its readers, it would be quite enjoyable read for all kind of readers.

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