Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Review: What To Ask The Person In The Mirror By Robert S Kaplan: Great Lessons For A Leader

Recently I read a good book from Robert S. Kaplan titled as What To Ask The Person In The Mirror. Robert Kaplan is well known as co-creator of the Balanced Scorecard. Formerly he was vice chairman of Goldman Sachs. In this book he has raised some genuine concerns related to Leadership like – Why focus is important for leaders? Is it possible to create leaders or it is only born leaders? How leaders cope up with setback? What all changes happen with moving one step up on the ladder of growth and success?

A deep introspection is required for a leader, as per Kaplan in a way that when a leader stands in front of a mirror, he must ask some basic fundamental questions from himself. Robert S Kaplan teaches in Harvard University in the field of management practice. Kaplan states that leaders have a very good quality of posing confident all the time even if they are not sure about the situation at times. Let us take a note of few important points on What lessons can a Leader get from Robert S Kaplan based on his latest book What To Ask The Person In The Mirror:

1. There is a great relationship between Leader and Being Focused.

2. Leadership qualities can be inculcated in a Leader by means of adopting
    few important qualities.

3. A good Leader has to be a good actor too, especially at the time of crisis.

4. A good Leader becomes expert over a period of time on getting out of state
    of confusion quicker than others.

5. A good Leader when not sure about his decisions, takes a call based on
   his inner strengths.
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