Saturday, March 23, 2013

Say No To Cyber Bullying

Ryan Patrick Halligan, a student of Essex Junction, Vermont, committed suicide at the age of 11 only, after taking bullying and cyber bullying seriously to his heart. He was being bullied from his classmates and the same guys started bullying him on internet too. Ryan took his  life on 7 October, 2003.

Bullying is not unknown to any one of us. We face it right through during our childhood when we make friends in school, neighborhood and family. Peer impact is too high during the childhood. As a child we give more importance to our friends and foes than our parents and family. Words spoken by a friend matter more to a child than the words spoken by her parents. The mood of a child spoiled by a friend in the school affects her whole day and cannot be changed easily by her parents. But if another friend steps in to cheer up her mood, it can swing her mood.
A nasty remark causes pain to anyone at any age. It makes you sad. It hurts. It can cause depression and shatter confidence at times.

Cyber bullying is similar to bullying but happens on internet. Most of the kids, teenagers, adults and old are addicted to internet to browse various sites. Many register themselves at social networking sites to play games, interact with others, and for other purposes. An adverse comment of remark at any one’s profile or activity can be termed as cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be intentional or unintentional.

Megan Meier, studying in a school in Missouri took her life on 17 October, 2006, just 3 weeks before her fourteenth week. 

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