Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book Review: Honey The Hero By Emlyn Chand: A Must Read Book For The Kid Within Every Person

39 reviews on with an average rating of 4.7 say it all. To prove that what is on Amazon is not by chance, the same can be seen on GoodReads where this book has been rated by 54 readers and the average rating is 4.5. Honey The Hero A Bird Brain Book by Emlyn Chand is a fantastic children book and for all adults who have a child within them. As a child, I remember, how much inspiration and motivation I used to get from such lovely stories. This 42-page storybook has a good amount of pictures - one full alternative page, so as to make it understood by kids easily and most enjoyable.

Emlyn Chand writes young adult novels as well as children book series   - both perfectly. She carries a long list of fan following in both these areas.

The story of Honey The Hero! A Bird Brain Book by Emlyn Chand can be taken as a best management lesson for corporate training. The story goes like this - Honey is a very young parakeet who has just learned to fly and hence feels exhilarated in exploring the new outside world every day. One day she sits outside a window and observes a family sitting together, watching TV and enjoying Superman show. This fills a lot of enthusiasm in Honey to become a superhero and help others to come out of their troubles. But what happens is that every time she helps someone, it turns out to be a show spoiler and thereby worsens the situation. Finally, Honey realizes that learning about the stock of situation and understanding it fully enables you to assess any scenario better.

This was an autographed book received from Goodreads as First Read Winner.

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