Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: When The Signal Turns Red: Love Story Of Two Budding Techies

Jayanand Ukey seems to be a young, energetic, creative and enthusiastic. He is a techie, journalist, blogger and now a writer too. His first authored book When The Signal Turns Red published in 2013 is quite interesting, light read and on the ground stuff. It seems he has poured some of his real life experiences in the book in form of the the main lead Girish, who is a young engineering grad just completed his studies and wishing to start a creamy career instantly. Jayakant's writing style is simple but having a tight grip on the story line. He has woven threads well, keeping in mind that reader will have to stay eager on "what next" on every page, along with staying connected with the characters of story.

The story of When The Signal Turns Red goes like this. During his engineering days in college, Girish met Prajakta and fell in love with her. Girish belongs to a middle class Khedekar family living in a government quarter, as his father is in government service. His mother teaches in a school. Prajakta on the other hand belongs to an army family where her father (Mr. Chitre) is a retired army officer. Her mother is a homemaker and a seriously obedient wife to her husband. Both families are settled in Mumbai and have a one child family model. Both, Prajakta and Girish have just completed their engineering studies and are aspiring to start a bright career with one of the top companies as software developers. Both have done well in their studies and got selected with the kind of companies they were dreaming of during the campus recruitment held in their college.

Since both are in love with each other and have decided to marry, they decided to disclose it to their respective parents once they join their respective companies to move ahead in tying marital knots. Prajakta somehow got caught when an sms in her mobile sent by Girish is read by her mother who in turns disclosed it to her husband. Though it is only one month as per the joining letter both have received but with just a matter of few days, they still have to start their career. Both their parents meet and agree that the moment the kids join job next month, they can get married.

But all of a sudden global economic crisis blurbs in taking away their joining prospects in their respective companies and family wise whole scenario starts changing - both sides. Mr Chitre decided to break this to be formed relationship and tells Girish's father that he is cancelling the engagement ceremony that was just a few days away. Another boy comes into Prajakta's life but Girish decided not to give up and stays adamant for his girlfriend.

Few twists with social media site, mobile phones, a little of stunts; playing roles in the story and finally it is the win of love over the fake, good over the bad, right over the wrong and fair over the unfair. You can have a look at a one minute, official trailer.

Overall it is an interesting, lightly knitted story...
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