Sunday, March 31, 2013

Book Review: Look Stunning At Any Size: If You Can Feel Beautiful You Can Look More Beautiful

This book titled Look Stunning At Any Size An Every Woman's Guide to Looking Stylish written by Parimita Chakravorty is quite beautifully written, presented, compiled and published. The first impression, that way, goes fantastic as soon as you put your hands on this book. This book is supposed to be for all females of any sizes. Whether you want to know how to make a dull dress look sexy on your body or how to make your body sexy for any kind of dress, this is the book that claims to teach you all such things. Style, size, presentation and paper has made it all appealing to attract right kind of audience for this book.

The color of your dress must be such that it always adds value to your own color, glow and radiance. If you are confused which color will look better on you, enjoy reading this book and learn from it. What color of lipstick will go best with what kind of dress, what hairstyle to suit best, what kind of occasion will accommodate what kind of combination; Look Stunning At Any Size by Parimita Chakravorty is the one that will guide you to become stunning all the way, all the time.

Though the author claims it more suitable for Indian women but in broader terms it can be suitable for women from any country, climate and environment. But the complete focus has been maintained in this book throughout regarding Women from various cultures in India, their needs related to personal and professional life; and their changing lifestyle. Right from make-up, hairstyle, hair care, beauty care, and beyond, it caters to almost all the needs of a woman towards this aspect. To begin with, one must be aware about her body type, face shape/ cut, skin tone. It becomes simpler to understand these parameters about yourself once you go through the respective pages guiding you how to learn these factors in your own context. Once you become aware of these factors, then it becomes easier for you to understand how to dress according to your body type. Your skin tone can derive what color will suit you most. 

Each dress cannot be suitable for all occasions, hence it is important to learn the difference between office formals, business casuals, what to wear on funerals and memorial ceremonies, what is best to wear during holidays, dinner parties or an outing for a coffee on an evening. Further on you will be able to learn how different hairstyles can give you different looks. Hairstyles for party might not be same as one for wedding. From hair care, it moves on further to advise you on mak-up, beauty accessories and so on.

Overall it would be a good choice to grab this book for all women of any age to get plenty of useful tips from it. Few of the stuff might appear familiar to you as you might have read it in some article in a newspaper or a magazine, but where else will you be able to get a complete compilation of such useful tips. 

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