Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Review: Vikram And The Enchanted Seals By Sanjiv Behera: Adventure Ride Throughout

This is the second book I am reading from the same author - Sanjiv Behera. His earlier book was Azad A Flight Of Desi Fantasy. That was much thinner and different from this book I am writing about. Azad A Flight Of DesiFantasy had a collection of short stories whereas Vikram And The Enchanted Seals is a single story covered in 293 pages. Though his earlier book was quite interesting but if we compare both the books, the latter is much more intrinsic, intriguing and interesting.

Vikram And The Enchanted Seals is a story about fight between the good and the bad, good and evil, right and wrong, moral and immoral, mankind and rakshasa; and, inner strength and physical strength. It is a tough fight, probably happening within every human being. Sometimes it takes longer for the good to conquer over the bad but finally it is always the good, moral, human, right, and inner strength that conquers over the bad, immoral, rakshasa, wrong, and the physical strength.

Vikram and his family (Tandons) are coming from the United Stated to meet Vikram’s grandfather to console him at the sudden demise of his wife. Vikram’s grandfather lives in a remote village in India along with his another son, daughter-in-law and a young servant whom he never treats like a servant. Vikram is accompanied by his younger brother Jai (who calls him Viks), father and mother. Although Vikram is not too happy and excited about this visit and leaving his home in California but anyhow he feels that Grandpa would be must be feeling badly the loss of his wife and to fill that emptiness it is important for the whole family to unite for a while.

On reaching Grandpa’s house, Vikram meets Manu, the young servant in the house but who is not treated as a servant. Vikram after meeting his Grandpa after a long time feels a great respect for him after talking to him in the early morning hours the next day they reached there.

Suraj Bagchi and his wife Shanti lost their son and daughter-in-law and are left with their only granddaughter Toral. One fine morning Toral finds her grandparents missing from the house and decided to find them out on her own. Vikram, on the other hand, finds his grandfather missing the next day in the early hours of next morning with no traces left. Vikram, Jai and Manu decide to check the whole village to find out Grandpa but in vain. Finally they decide to go into the nearby jungles to continue their hunt for the Grandpa.

They got amazed to find out huge Rakshasas in the jungle and gradually came to know that their Grandpa is in their custody. Same happens with Toral and the four youngsters decided to get their grandparents free from the King of Rakshasas.

Overall Vikram And The Enchanted Seals is a very interesting read. It is suitable for all kids - of any age.

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